Food Machinery Blades
Food slitting circular blades use precautions!

Food slitting wider use in the food industry, whether vegetables, meat and other ingredients or finished products are typically packaged with a food before cutting machine slitting, as a food cutting machine the most important part of the food slitting blades all these years has been fast update rate, mainly to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the food industry, so how should food slitting circular blades daily use of it, in the course should pay attention to what place?

1, be sure to keep food slitting blades sharpness job requirements. When found sharpness of slitting blades work has reached less than the demand, the relevant staff must be timely for grinding work, should not let blades overworked.

2, prohibit food slitting blades cut two different specifications of the material the material in the production process. If you do, likely to cause irreversible damage to the machine and blade.

3, food slitting blades in the work process, the position of the work must be put positive, put a smooth, remember piled too high.

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