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Meat cutting machine blade grinding

Meat grinder of the blade in use after a period of time, there will be "dull", and the daily use of this phenomenon and the chopper is the same, this time will need to be polished, and sharpening methods and techniques is from person to person, everyone is different. But there is one principle is fixed, that is the knife edge must be completely ground to, makes the blade balance. Because the blade in the cut of meat when using the Middle more, must pay attention to balance when sharpening to avoid long blade after forming Crescent-shaped, this will directly affect the quality of sliced meat.

1, it is best to place the stone in a place where friction, so that friction can prevent the sliding of the millstones, and effects.

2, if you use the mill stone grinding, sometimes grind slowly, the effect is not very good, so can drop them into a small amount of dilute oil or liquid paraffin and evenly spread to increase the coefficient of friction speed up the friction velocity.

3, when sharpening a toolholder and the tool holder fitted with slicing knife makes the blade forward and flat on the sharpening stone on the surface.

4, carry out knife fingers should keep the correct position to make even easier to slide the front blade Sharpener, slicing knife sharpening stone right corner cutter grinding inclined forward advanced to the upper left corner of the stone cutter, then flip the knife back and forth according to the steps.

5, if the blade nicked above in accordance with the above process continues to rub off, gap, and for some larger damage of blade thickness you will need to use two kinds of grinding stones for grinding, grinding coarse grinding stone gap now, then fine-grinding stone blades and sharp.

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